MS caused by Mono also have repaired ToF

Hello, I have not been diagnosed with MS yet however a neurologist has tested for it via MRI and CAT scans and other blood tests. These come back negative. - Diagnosed with - I have repaired Tetrollogy of Fallout with low miles pulmonary regurgitation sense age 1 Diagnosed with Autism sense like age 10. However now psychiatrist does not think I have it because of they way I speak and tell him I feel anymore I was diagnosed with Mononucleosis end of last year. (Sense then I have not felt better at all.) I have slight optic nerve swelling and they can’t find any cause. I’ve had chronic laryngitis and still have soar throat 247 Today they suspect I have Estuacian Tube Dysfunction Low vitamin D at 14 brought it up to 27 vitamin d supplements Enlarged aortic root 4.6 cm not considered AAA by my expensive Dr he thinks I had it sense ToF repair ToF rare heart condition Was super obese after vacation and depression same time 270 lbs now 240 through diet and exercise vacation last September Was former diagnosed with GERD I felt like meds made it worse tho so using the diet to help it Yet to do lumbar puncture but on the list of all else fails - Symptoms - Constant ear ringing two ears worse on one side Ear pain Head pressure Also I describe this feeling as a feeling you get when you stand under power lines but 247 Up and down elevator feeling Tingling or just electrical zaps 247. (ear problems)? Feels whole body Indigestion for 9 months + no food allergies even on low FODMAP diet All these symptoms 9+ months Muscle joint pain worse on side with worse ear ringing. Electric Al pulses? Whole body feeling or more on o e side Eye kind of droops a tiny bit on one side - What I think and worry about - Well I was hoping my ear problems were earwax blockage but no ear wax in ears If it’s MS I just want to know so I can learn to deal with symptoms however I’ve been dealing with them for 9 months never gets better sometimes worse. I just recently got a new doctor concierge so I know I’m in good hands now but I just mentioned all this to him he said only way to know for 100% would be lumbar spine tap and I have lumbar spine problems also worried about pain during after procedure especially because of my heart problems.