MS bladder/pain/medical help

Hi my partner is having a very bad time with his MS and has been for a few months. He has pain in his feet and legs that’s brought him to tears, he says it feels like blocks of ice and barbed wire. He has been prescribed cocodamol… but they are not doing much to help. He is meditating, that has been his saving grace. He has bladder problems which are worsening, he has been put on a list for a scan for checking for a blockage, this could take 8 months. I want to try and pay private if we can, i keep getting told he needs a referral, the clinic have referred him to nhs hosp, they say the gp will have to do it, the gp says he doesn’t know what he is referring it should be the clinic. The neurologist then tells us once the bladder issues are resolved, his other symptoms that are heightened including the pain will calm or disappear.

I am not sure what I am expecting in reply to this post… perhaps hope?

hiya anon

i started this thread 5 years ago but recently added to it as u will see.

‘blocks of ice and barbed wire’ is a good description.

my gp prescribed Capsaicin cream last week with some effect but i had to start amytriptyline 10mg at the weekend which i have been taking twice a day (its usually prescribed to be taken at night time-one of the side effects is a very dry mouth in the morning. i have been taking it off/on for 13 years with desired effect-neuro aware-it doesnt cause me to be sleepy at all and the label says not to drive/operate machinery if it does (i dont drive but wonder if powerchair counts?!)

there are other nerve drugs beside amytriptyline to try such as gabapentin or naproxen (amytrip is the most effective one for me and he may need to try several to find which suits the best)

i dont believe your neuro when he says that once the bladder issues are under control then other things will disappear!

i hope my reply has given u some hope! there are things that gp can try/prescribe. for me then feet/hands are definite ms symptoms. there is no one answer fits all but hopefully you find a solution for your partner.


Sorry to hear about your partners symptoms and pain. I can’t offer any advice about pain relief but I’m glad to hear he is meditating as I too got into meditation a few years ago and it’s been a godsend. Hope he keeps it up as the longer you do it the more it helps.

Best of luck,

Lisa x

Thank you for replying. Yes he loves meditating, it certainly helps.

Thank you so much for this reply, there are things from your experiences that def ring bells here. Hope today is a good day for you.