ms and the heat

Hey all I have rrms and people have said that the hot weather makes u worse, i found out that when i used to play football and my body gettin warm with running then my legs would go all jelly like, thats y i stopped playing football I have no problems being in the heat though and makes no difference to myself How does every1 else feel and does it affect you Chris

hi chris

this heat is totally draining me and it pisses me off because i used to love it.

i tend to lurk in the freezer aisle of asda!

carole x

ps even though its hot keep your clothes on!

Hi Chris,

Despite all that’s said about what we (PwMS) are “supposed” to be like, I still find this preferable to the endless cold and rain.

The only thing that’s worse for me in this weather is fatigue. Other things (aches and pains) are better. And I strongly suspect the extra fatigue is only for the same reason healthy people are suffering it - difficulty sleeping at night! Have you met a healthy person who’s said they haven’t been more tired recently?

I think it just shows you have to keep open minded, and not assume you’re going to have problems, because of blanket (ha-ha) generalisations about how everyone with MS is. It’s your own unique illness: there’s no such thing as “everyone”.

In an ideal world, I’d like it slightly less hot than this, but no way do I want to go back to being cold again!



Hey Thanks for the comment Just merely seeing how it affects different people X

Hi Chris,

Although i love the summer, despite the sweating, this year I am struggling. All my symptoms are playing up, heavy legs, tremors, burning/heightened sensations in various areas, blurry vision oh and off the scale fatigue.

This is the first summer i have been this bad, but I did have a really awful relapse in Nov so maybe that left more damage than any relapse previously. Also we don’t normaly tend to get defined seasons in this country, normally a few days at a time followed by a week of dank! So maybe the sustained heat is what’s causing my troubles?

Who knows, but it won’t last forever so i’m trying to be positive!

Hiya Chris

I always though that being born in the summer and growing up in the heatwave that was the 70’s, I’d always be fine in the heat. As I’ve got older, I really struggle though. I’m not sure if it is all down to MS, although I seem to struggle more with heat since I’ve had it. I wasn’t too bad last week but, I’ve really stuggled this week. I’ve been getting loads of head aches, a bit of dizziness as well as feeling really drained. I’m not sure if it’s been a little more humid this week, which is the thing I struggle with the most.

I’ve been drinking loads of water and eating light, easy to digest meals to try to keep cooler as well has having all the windows open and only going outside for very a very short time (to top up vit d).

Funny thing is that my sleeping has been fine though being honest I tend could sleep on a washing in a hurricane and not wake-up, so a bit of heat ain’t gonna keep me awake lol.


Thanks for your comments I put it down to luck that the heat hasnt bothered me,im currently on copaxone and have had no symptoms etc for 18months so all going well X

The heat doesn’t usually bother me tbh, neither does the cold. But I have really struggled this last week, I’m not sure why. We drove from Abeerdeen to London and back again a few days later and it was so hot in the car, don’t know if I’m still recovering from that! That aside, I’ve been really tired this week too and I don’t even suffer from fatigue, I think Tina has a good point about not sleeping at night and I suspect that may be my problem. It doesn’t seem so hot today and there is a slight breeze which I can feel though the open windows. I’m doing better today, maybe I’ve recovered from my trip to London, maybe not being so hot today is helping, I was really feeling quite sorry for myself this morning but after lunch I thought I’d better get myself kicked into gear and I have got loads done. Al in all I find it more pleasant when it is a little cooler but my ms isn’t usually affected by it. Cheryl:-)

Hi Chris,

I used to love sun bathing but since ive had ms (almost two years) i can no longer sit in it for long periods, i also work in a very warm office and by 2pm im dead on my feet, it completly drains me :(.

My consultat suggested spending 20mins in the sun without sun cream for 20mins each day as the Vitamin D is very good for ms.

Kelly :slight_smile:

Hi Chris. l type this to you sat in a cool room, windows open, blinds down, fan on full. The heat is draining it all out of me its nice to see the sun but does it have to be so hot myself l have seen all l want to of the sun just now hopeing it rains soon. l wonder about the suns Vitamin D l used to work at little school asdinner lady so was out for one and half hours in the hottest part of the day did it do me ant good.? Keep cool everyone or try to regards Jan. xxxx

Hi Chris I am absolutely crackered…and longing for autumn !! Catherine Xx

Hi Chris,

I’m fairly recently diagnosed with MS and only at follow up just over 2 weeks ago, told it was highly likely PPMS. I had to show my husband a thread on here about the heat to reassure him the other day (we’d had a stupid argument) he said it was either A. progressing at an alarming rate or B. in my head because I’d been diagnosed

I had to point out that I was suffering with the heat and it was very real and actually, I wasn’t too bad first thing in the morning but deteriorated thru the day. I passed on going out for lunch yesterday as it meant getting on the car and I couldn’t face that unless we were going home!

Feet/ankles burning, even when not particulary hot to touch. Easily confused but most noticeably is walking and balance, possibly because the skin on my ankles feels so tight it just gets bad really quickly.

Sonia x

Oops, forgot fatigue, bit groggy cos i’ve literally just woken up! :wink:

Hi Chris

I too used to love the sun and previously it didn’t seem to affect my ms but this year it seems to be having an affect on the pins and needles in my hands and draining my energy levels. Having said that I do try to sit in the sun for 20 mins to get my vitamin d but I cannot manage much more than that. I always have a fan on when I go to bed so the heat isnn’t a problem at night

I guess its just a case that we’re all different, a colleague of mine who doesn’t have ms hates the summer heat/sunshine, she can’t wait for the winter.


I have found that when its warm, my body’s thermostat stops working. I just can’t cool down without the use of ice packs. In turn this makes me totally worn out and the buzzing sensations in head are so intense. I much prefer the cooler weather :slight_smile:

I’m not good if I get too hot - sit out in the sun and stuff like that. But if I stay in my (nice cool) house, then I think I’m actually better than I normally am in the joke that is the usual British summer. I do have the ultimate luxury, which is a basement bedroom which never gets hot - still need a blanket to sleep down there at the moment.

Hi there, i work abroad in Azerbiajan and its hot at the moment, this is my first trip back after relapse and Dx. Im also back trainging hard (Hi intensity) on the bike in the gym and so far ive had no symptoms. Im expecting to go on Holiday to Majorca in October for a week of hard cycling, if i get through that then all is good, will be interesting to see how it goes. I totally believe everyones symptoms but also think that we have to find out for ourselves how things effect us. Theres no way im going to stop doing things i love until i see if they are causing me problems. I ahve had some Paroxysmal sysmptoms with speech but they seem to be getting slowly better and the bike is defo not making them worse. Stay positive!!!

Hi Chris

I really love the sun and love to sunbathe. Makes me feel better with a bit of a tan.

Although I have to say that once I start to overheat my ON starts to really play up even to the point that if I don’t cool down quickly then my sight will go completely until I have placed ice cold packs on my head and the blurry vision disappears so I know that it affects my MS.

Take care.

Shazzie x