ms and prednisolone

i have ms and fybromyalgia and the pain is unbearable, i got given all tabs that doctor could give me and none worked then i got tried on prednisolone and miracle they worked but after giving me them the doctor said that they dont work for pain in ms or fybromyalgia, has anyone else been on these and found relief? i have also been given the steroid jag aswell as 6 5mg tabs of prednisolne is this too much, one doc said yes thats too much and other one gave me all this, any help would be much appreciated thanks

I think steroids can help all Ms symptoms, including pain. My doctor prescribes 14 days 50mg daily Prednisolone . My neuro, however, recommends 5 days Prednisolone 500mg per day.

So, looks like you’re on a very low dose, although you don’t say what the injection dose is that you have been given. NICE ms guidelines recommend the 5 day 500mg course.

Hope this helps.


Thanks didnt get told told what injection strengrh was, thanks for reply

Hello Shirley,

I take 10 mg every day mainly because I have other complaints as well. But I do find the Prednisolone does help.



Hi yes they work just founs out that they are nit cost effective that probably why they r saying dont work, but for us they do x