MS and Powerlifting

Hi all…I’m one of those annoying newbies who come on here to self diagnose…lol Anyway, just curious about something that isn’t coming up in a Google search, so I figured I’d go to the source. Is there anyone who, or do you know of wetter or not people who suffer with MS are more prone to injuries during weight lifting or performing Olympic lifts. Not due to balance issues or falling, more like a break down of joints. Something like a hip that is constantly popping out of place or even a rib? Thank you!


Im relatively newly diagnosed (CIS March 2016, active RRMS June 2016 and had R1 lemtrada in August 2016). I do a reasonable degree of lifting with my PT (not Olympic style - although he’s threatening this!). My view (based on nothing, save chats with my PT) is that MS shouldn’t impact this - providing you arent experiencing symptoms which make you less in control of your vehicle and potentially unsafe. E.g my only real symptom is numb toes. Doesn’t hurt or cause me issues walking, but can throw my balance on some lifts so we avoid these if I’m having a flare up.

If you’ve not seen it - this Ted talk is pretty amazing. The speaker has active RRMS and is into cross fit. Within a year of diagnosis she got back to her PBs.