MS and IBS

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

I am 27 and was diagnosed with RRMS last year although I have had symptoms for about 5 years. I was really hoping to get some advice as I have also been struggling with what seems like IBS and wondered if anyone else had experienced similar symptoms?

This has happened quite a few times before but I keep feeling terrible whenever my body is digesting food. When I first wake up, I usually feel ok but within about 1 hour of eating breakfast (cereal or toast usually) I will start to get a headache. Then at the 2 hour mark, I will start to feel really cold and sick. Then I will usually feel rotten for the next few hours until I have a BM and then I will slowly start to feel better.

I cant seem to pinpoint a specific food that is causing this as it tends to come and go even if I keep eating the same foods.

Some other things to add to the mix but I started Rebif in January that did seem to irritate my stomach so they kept me on 22mcg for a few months (despite my MS nurse insisting that Rebif doesnt affect the stomach) and I have just titrated up to the 44mcg so I know that this wont be helping things - but I have had the above symptoms for a few years now on and off throughout the year so I know that it isnt just the Rebif causing it.

Has anyone else had a similar experience? It really does make me feel rotten and any advice would be greatly appreciated.



Hi Cat, just a thought have you been checked for a food allergy or sensitivity to wheat, gluten? Sorry to hear something is making you feel rotten.

Have you actually been diagnosed with IBS?

It doesn’t sound good, and I think you should go and get it checked out - your symptoms are nothing like my IBS symptoms, and I know different people get different symptoms, but that does sound like something different …

At the very least they should be able to give you something to ease your symptoms.

Jo x

You might be gluten. intolerant. Try going gluten-free for a month and see how you feel. l had lBS for many years - and l get terrible diarrhoea with mine. But since following the Coimbra Vit D Protocol and going dairy free and gluten free - and taking a high dose of vitamin d - plus magnesium/b12/b2 - my tum is behaving itself - at long last! l do not eat any grain at all - and if l do l explode!

l do not take any prescription meds now.

Look at Coimbra Vitamin D Protocol for Autoi-mmune diseases on facebook.

lBS/ Crohns/Coeliac are also auto-immune.

Thanks for the replies :slight_smile:

I was diagnosed with IBS when I was 17 but i think it was more that they weren’t sure what was going on so just gave me the label. I have had a sigmoidoscopy before and that came back clear as well as ultrasounds and blood tests (all clear) - but agree that it would prob be best to go back to the docs. Was just hoping to avoid that as feel like I have been there so many times recently!

The gluten intolerance is an interesting idea - I will definitely try it out and see whether than has any effect.

Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

I thought I had IBS (was dx 25 years ago with it) but I also now have this strange swelling lip that coincided with being at its worst during a big relapse. Eventually dentist referred me and have been told I probably have orofacial granulomatosis, which is oral Crohn’s and is an autoimmune condition (avoid cinnamon and benzoates) Having researched it, I now think it is possible I have gut Crohn’s not IBS and will ask to be properly investigated as soon.

Poor you - that sounds really miserable. I agree with others that you certainly need to be checked out for a gluten (or other specific) food intolerance if you have not been already. Clearly your gut is not at all happy and that is a bad state of affairs.