I feel like I’ve become scared of people and scared to go outside after the past year. Does anyone feel the same?

My symptoms and mobility seem to have got worse from not walking as much and I can’t even comprehend ‘getting back to normal’…

My situation’s different, because here in the States we didn’t have the strict quarantines that you were dealing with, but I do hesitate to be around people now. Mum and I have only recently begun our monthly shopping trips again, and I find myself closely watching the people nearby and then going home afraid I’ve caught Covid from one of them.

Are there any mild exercises that you an do at home to regain some of your strength? As far as getting out, I’d suggest just biting the bullet and go. Start with a short trip, maybe just walk down the road a bit and then turn around and go home. Is there a favorite shop nearby that you could visit at a time of day when it’s not busy? Just start out slow.