Ms and covid. Pfizer is the way to go …….

Well I know this is a personal opinion and others will surely differ but I thought I would put experience out there.
I have had Aztrazenica, 2 Moderna’s and yesterday a Pfizer.
The long and short of it is the first 3 vaccines gave my body a right rollicking. Astra Zenica not so much. Usual flu like symptoms but intense aching limbs. Painful dull ache combined with stabbing pains. The bad boy is MODERNA. I was virtually bed bound for 3 days partly due to exhaustion because of the pain and also due to the amount of meds I had to take to lessen the pain. Mixing baclofen, lyrica, diazapam, panadol takes your stuffing out. The nerve pain for MODERNA was without exaggeration excruciating. I felt I was in danger of having a heart attack with the inner tension. I have had sciatica in the past and that came back with avengance sending me jack knifing across the bed shouting in pain. Also developed eye problems. Conjunctivitis that lasted in both eyes for 3 months. It -started about 3 days after the vaccination. In the end I developed an allergy to the drops and had numerous trips to the eye hospital they found fridge kept preservative free treatments so it did get sorted.
So moving on to Pfizer - nothing happened other than a slight headache, absolutely no pain, slept well feel fine this morning. Slight flushing but that’s it. I actually was terrified of having the vaccine but was equally frightened of going too near other people as I am vulnerable on 6 monthly Ocrevus. So I went for it and so glad I did.
One thing which I am sure everyone is going to balk at is that I read that the vaccine floods your body, so then the immune system goes berserk and causes inflammation in the body. It made me think that taking just 1 steroid tablet befor the vaccine may stop the huge onslaught of T cells creating havoc. So that’s what I did an hour before the jab. So whether it was just that Pfizer suits me better or the steroid worked who knows. But I wanted to give my experience in case it helped any one else make a decision.
I had to ask for Pfizer as they are only give it to children under 12 or something but when I explained my hideous reaction to MODERNA they just said okay fine and made lots of sympathetic noises then went and got one from the fridge.
So there we are.
Keep going forward everyone :heart:

Isn’t that interesting? I had Pfizer for me first three, having waited to be called by the GP surgery (and it seemed that Pfizer was the standard thing you got if you went that route, in my area at least). The Spring booster, I just went to the vaccination station and took pot luck and it happened to be Moderna. I was fine with both except for a sore arm, and am very grateful for them, having just sailed through a dose of the Covid without much trouble at all.

Hi,I was the same as alison100, first 3 were pizer and 4th was moderna and the only side effect with all of them was a sore arm. I was nervous because I knew someone who had the moderna and she was really bad - and she hasnt got any health problems!

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Hi there it’s weird isn’t it how we all react differently. Honestly if moderna was the last covid jab available I would think twice about having it because I don’t think I could manage the physical repercussions. It charged up every ms symptom I’ve had.

I was worried sick about having Pfizer in case it set off all my symptoms so I’m one happy MS’r today :grin::+1:
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I’m all Vaxxed out and wished id pushef for Pfizer!!!

I’ve just had my 4th too! The first 2 were pfizer with no reaction apart from a slight achey arm. Then I had my fitst Moderna vaccine - i was fine. A bit more achey than the pfizer jabs, but here i am 2 days after my 2nd Moderna vaccine and woah, it’s really wiped me out!

First came the feeling of wanting to be sick, a few hours later the chills really hit me and jumping into bed i started to over heat. Today, the chills came back with a vengeance and i’m still extremely achey along with still feeling sick.

Fingers crossed tomorrow is a better day!

Has anyone else had a strong reaction to Moderna?

Sharon x

Sharon I presume you have read my post. Moderna without exaggeration was horrendous. Seriously I contemplated going to hospital because the effects were so severe. I didnt because I read on this site someone who had the same reaction and it did pass. So I stuck with it but would never, ever have moderna again. Twice had it, twice terrible symptoms. So thinking of you. Take whatever meds you have to get rid of the symptoms and ride it out. It will pass just go with it and make a memory note for the future. Wish you all the very best. Judy x

imo, the best way to go is no unapproved drug trials, and switching the tv off…
Still, there’s a choice of three now, Covid (B.A. 4 / B.A. 5), monkeypox, or polio… As Graham would say - The choice is yours…

I had Astra for first 2 does and Pfizer for the 3rd, booster. Astra was fine, just had a slight dead arm feeling the following day. So not bad at all. Pfizer was another matter entirely.

Not sure if I’ll have a 4th shot anyway and 1,000% won’t be if it’s a Pfizer shot. Was fine on the day but around an hour after waking the following day I started feeling nauseous, unstable on my feet and eye and vision felt strange. An hour later I was falling over, being sick and lost sight in my left eye. Basically Optic Neuritis returned in force in a few hours instead of gradually over days/weeks. Also ended up headbutting doorframe when I fell over rushing to the bathroom to vomit.

Not doing that again. Only got checked for Covid because member of household worked with someone that had tested positive. None of use had symptoms when tested. Even after getting a positive result I’ll only had a slight sorethroat. If I hadn’t lied to get tested I never would have known as I’ve had colds worse than that

If you don’t take a test that doesn’t detect covid any way, you wouldnt need to worry. They’ve never isolated covid, this is about making money, not your health.

TBH, I wouldn’t have bothered but can’t be done with all the moaning and grief I’d get at home.

I did post something about the Vaccines here before they were authorised. Poor maths and testing methods makes their effectiveness numbers meaningless.

Something like 26k test subjects yet a >90% efficacy which is more like pulled out of thin air.

They didn’t do a Covid test on all test subject. Only test to confirm a Negative or positive were done when people presented symptoms or if subjects took the test as they’d been in contact with someone that tested positive. I read about 1 guy who only got tested because someone tested positive at his daughters school.

Yet they claimed it was 90+% effective using 150ish people to base their numbers on. 150 out of more than 26k people. Was something like 90 on placebo confirmed Covid and 60 negative. Thus Vaccine effective vs placebo was over 90%. Look at the full numbers

98% may or may have been infected. As they weren’t tested at anypoint after getting the shot/s at the start of the trial. That left 2% that actually tested positive. 0.4% on vaccine and 1.6% placebo

Absolutely no idea about the other 98% because there is no evidence they got tested. That also implies out of all test subjects you had a 98% chance of NOT getting it. Or get it and be symptomless.

Biggest flaw was doing vaccine trials like every other trial. People were

Wearing masks
Keeping distance
Washing hands,
minimising contact

Just jab and go works for things like flu because its a realworld test scenario. Jab and go with covid was pointless when we had sooo many rules to follow which is why they had 0 idea how things would work once we stopped wearing masks and stuff.

Now you can see my belief on all the evidence regarding Covid and vaccines is less than what I just flushed down the toilet.

As for my worries,

I had a lump on my Thyroid just before Covid hit. Biopsy showed it as non-cancerous. 10 months later, thanks to Covid delays, they removed it. 3 weeks later at a follow up appointment I get told it was cancerous and they wanted to remove the rest. So had the other half removed then Radioactive Iodine to destroy any remaining Thyroid tissue. Thanks Covid :rage:

I’ve had Covid aswell

Covid nor the Cancer has me worried one bit. Nurse at the hospital was shocked that I didn’t need nor want to discuss the cancer when I was told about it, just shrugged and said I’m fine. Wasn’t denial or anything, just that I feel MS is 100 times worse than the cancer and Covid put together.

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Glad you’re ok dude.

Just read this…(CDC is american, yes, but…)

COVID “misinformationist” Steve Kirsch:

“In the Pfizer trial that was published […] more people died who got the vaccines than who got the placebo. In other words, the vaccine killed more people than the placebo did.”

"The clinical trial showed that you could save one life [from COVID] for every 22,000 people who got the [vaccine]. "

“I did a calculation; turns out that when you save one person for every 22,000 people you inject, it means that the vaccines have saved 10,000 lives over the course of a year. Three million people die every year. 10,000 lives is a rounding error.”

“But we actually didn’t save 10,000 lives, because when you look at the VAERS numbers […] you come up with at least 150,000 people who have been killed by the vaccine. So, you killed 150,000 in order to maybe save 10,000 lives”

“The best advice […] is just to listen to what the CDC says and do the opposite… That is probably the best medical advice that I could give you to save your life.”