Ms and brain tumour

Hi everyone, I am new to this forum, so hello everyone and i am wishing you all well. Well I have been through a hellova journey over the past year. I was first diagnosed with a brain tumour, then was told it was ms, now it has been confirmed as both ms relapsing remitting, and a 2cm x 1.5cm low grade glioma in my motor strip so they are just watching and waiting. Has anyone been through a similar experience? Piazza x

Hello and welcome Pazza, I haven’t had your experience but I do have MS. It must have been an awful shock to find that you have both and I send you lots of ((((((hUGS))))) .and hope you won’t progress with either. Janet x

Hi. I am new to this forum too. Diagnosed withn breast cancer just before Christmas .Had 2 ops then radiotherapy for the whole of Feb. Then told I have PPMS in mid March. Having lots of mobility problems and feeling depressed and sorry for myself.

Hi Pazza. New to this myself.Diagnosed with breast cancer just before christmas. Two ops and radiotherapy later I have now been diagnosed with PPMS. Having lots of mobility problems. Understand how you feel!!

Janet R

Hello and welcome :slight_smile:

A hell of a year indeed - one of them on their own is more than enough to deal with :frowning:

I don’t want to add to the confusion, but are they absolutely sure it’s a glioma and not an atypical MS lesion? I know it’s possible to confuse the two. Still, I’m sure they’re well aware of that too and have been thorough.

I hope the next MRI is reassuring.

Karen x

Sorry to hear you’re having a horrible time.

I’ve got a cyst which at first they thought was a tumour, but turns out is benign, thankfully. Although they too are applying the watch and wait, and I will need regular mri’s and and possibly a further lumbar puncture to test for malignancy if it changes at all. I was diagnosed with ms early this year, and also suffer from complicated, hemiplegic-type migraine.

Its not much fun is it?! Sending you my best wishes xx

Thanks everyone for your kind words. I am sorry to hear that a number of you are also going through a terrible time too, I really wish you all lots of luck for the future. Life is so unfair sometimes.

I am hoping that they are wrong about having both the brain tumour and MS, they did go from a brain tumour only, to ms then finally agreed that it was both recently . They have been watching the tumour for 18 months now with 3 monthly scans, I have had ms lesions in the usual locations that they appear, they have appeared and disappeared while the ‘tumour’ has remained and grew slightly.

My next scan is to be in July, I just seem to live between scans hoping for no change.

Best wishes to you all, you deserve it.

Pazza x