mrs ellen southall

Hi i am Ellen first time here.

Ihave had health problems most of my life two many to put on here but the long and short of it in may last year i was told i have fibromialiga think i spelt it right . But in Aprill this year was sent to see hearing doc’s as i can here my hartbeat all the time .They did a mri scan wich showed i have a small bulge in the left side vain they not going to do anything about that but my GP said i had more white matter then gray i thing i got it the right way round as some of you may be aware both condistions have some of the same symtons . I go to nero on the 13/08/2014

I am more worried about the forgetfullness like tonight my husband gave me some money i remember being given it but know memorie of it afther that untill i need it my son found it in the bin and forgetting names and words it is getting more noticeable . my gp don’t think it is ms as i could not remenber anything to do with my eye sight they have got alot worse over the last five years but did go blind for about an hour when i was 16, and would get bluerd vison on and of but got told they were mingraines . I have got a lot on at the monment as my mom as got bowel cancer but i have not acted the way i should have IE i can cry at a drop at a hat like the sound of a bay crying or fly of the hand for no resone but if not MS what else can cruse the changes and if it is what can i except ?

sorry about spelling as i have dyslixa

Many thanks Ellen

hi ellen

i got my dx in 2008 and coped very well for the first 4 years but this year i’m getting worried about my constant ability to lose things.

lost my car keys which i knew were in the house. i accused every family member of moving them, turnes the place over and found them 2 weeks later when i had given up on them.

my advise is to try to stay calm and wait for your neuro appointment (easier said than done).

try mindfulness meditation you can download from the internet for free.

access any support group in your area.

be kind to yourself (that weepiness and sudden rage sound like lability)

carole x