MRIs and SEPs

Hello everyone, I would like to ask one or two questions regarding my current situation, and I would be very grateful for any information. Basically, not long after some form of little localised rash on my chest in January, I started to develop plenty of sensory symptoms throughout my body. It started with burning sensation on my upper back (it lasted two weeks), then burning sensations on my right leg (it lasted about two weeks), then some form of spacity in both my legs and left harm (for like a week; it was only present when walking, but not when not doing anything or even cycling, weirdly enough), then plenty of nerve pain (like pulling violin strings and little burning on my skin) all around my body without any specific patterns (each pain would last between 1 to 4 seconds; and it would come every minute or 30 seconds), and finally my right leg has intermittently felt like a bit more “lazy”, meaning that I have no probable what so ever to use it, and yet many time it felt like “less normal” (a bit more tired), but that came and go; I also had facial pain (but I am not sure whether it qualified for typical trigeminal pain, as it was not abrupt and intense, but rather radiating pain that would last and then go away)… Anyway, all these symptoms have gradually resolved, and now I don’t have much left at all for the moment, if the really rare occasional burning pain there or there or my right leg feeling sometime a bit more tired than the left (like little muscle ache)…

I had two sensomatory evoked potential tests (SEP), one EMG, as well as one brain MRI, which all came back clear. I have a spinal MRI scheduled for tomorrow, and should hopefully receive my results by the end of the week. I was wondering what is the likelihood of not having brain lesions at the onset of MS, but rather only having spinal lesions? I saw somewhere that about 20% of people have this pattern of initial clinical presentation… Also, would SEP tests easily find a spinal lesion, considering that the spine is rather narrow and therefore lesions would be hard to miss?

For the info, I am a male in his mid-20s. I also was found to be Vitamin D deficient four months ago (i.e. 13 in my first blood test), and now since I take supplement it has risen to probably around 30 or more (my last Vitamin D test showed 23 about one month and a half ago).

This forum has been of great help so far in answering some of my questions, so thanks again anyone who answer me now, and best wishes to everyone else!

Blue Marble

Hiya mate,

I take it you are not diagnosed so don’t talk yourself into having MS; long way to go yet.

Yes, as you say some do start their MS journey with spinal lesions and this is a map of the spine. If you get a lesion it will probably cause problems as indicated;

I have never had an MRI but my symptoms are all below the waist so therefore my lesions are probably in the spine.

The SEP’s you had are a little baffling; why two? See somato sensory evoked potentials - multiple sclerosis encyclopaedia

Good luck with your journey