MRI wuss

Hi all. I was diagnosed with fibro 3 years ago. My systems are getting worse and I have started getting numb feet and hands. Itching, pins and needles, migraines among other things. I was due to have an MRI 2 months ago and I freaked (didn’t know I had claustrophobia). Second attempt today with 15mg diazepam which had NO effect so freaked again. I am now thinking its not worth having the MRI as probably fibro not MS. Any advice welcome.

I had two MRIs and had a prescription on each occasion for Lorezepam - just one tablet each time, 2g I think. I was only supposed to take half , but I forgot and took the full tablet both times and it worked like a charm. I’m not claustrophobic but could not have faced having an MRI without sedation. Maybe your dose was too low?

More importantly: I was diagnosed with fibro in 1997. I had a difficult couple of months but then the symptoms sort of receded so I kind of forgot about it. My MS neuro thinks that it wasn’t fibro at all but the beginning of the RRMS I have now, which came up positive on all the tests. I don’t think there were the same disease modifying drugs back then. But since there are now, please do have the MRI and any other tests they suggest, and then you can start treatment if necessary.

Regards - Louise

I too do not like small closed in spaces. I’ve had several MRI’s now and each one got better.

The trick for me is to close my eyes as soon as I’m laid on the scan table and I do not open them again until it’s over.

I prefer not to take a sedative.

Good luck xx

You could ask for a couple of Valium tablets - a co-worker always had this in order to be able to do anything that freaked her out, dental treatment, taking flights, MRIs. She swore by it.