mri update

Hi all,

i had my mri scan on the 13th september & after not hearing anything for nearly a month i rang to book an appointment with my doctor only to be told she was no longer at the practice. which i thought must of been the reason for the delay. At my appointment with the new doc i was told that my results were back and that they were normal and as i had had a cat scan and numerus blood tests ( which only showed low vit d) there was nothing more they could do & i would just have to except this is how i am.

I told him how my condition was effecting me ie fatigue and mobility problems and he said he would do another blood test. Is there anything else i can ask him to do like an lp or be refered to someone else as i dont want to be just left to get on with it by myself.

i get tired just shaving lately and have to rest half way through and i have difficulty talking to people becase i cant understand what there saying sometimes. I was hoping the mri would provide the answers but now im left in the dark as i know that somethings not right but dont know what.

Maybe its m.e. or c.f.s or something else i dont know but to be told its just me & to get on with it seems a bit harsh.

any advice would be gratefully received

thanks jason

Sorry to hear that you are none the wiser.

i don’t know of any other tests but will be watching this post as I am awaiting MRI results and might be in your shoes soon.


thank you rally3108, I really hope your not and you get some answers