MRI tomorrow ??ms feeling anxious

I have had a look at this forum and it is just what I have been looking for. I have been unwell since feb when I woke up with some facial weakness on the right side of my face my gp treated me as bells but after a couple of days I became unsteady on my feet and my eye sight changed I was admitted to a stroke unit and had treatment for ??tia after a week I had MRI without contrast which showed two white lesions and I was ref to neurologist. the neurologist ordered a urgent MRI said she thought it has something to do with my brain stem. ms was mentioned and tomorrow I am having MRI with contrast of head and cervical spine, she said she may need to do lumber puncture also. I have been ref to a physio to work on my balance. I am incredibly tired and my legs feel like lead, I have also had odd feeling of giggling in saddle area and pain behind my eye and on temple. does this sound like ms I’m terrified and keep thinking if it was anything else surely it would have been seen on first MRI?? thanks.

Hi, Your symptoms could be caused by any number of things. I’m afraid I have learnt that an ms dx is one of trial and error, it would seem it has lots of mimics and these need to be ruled out before a dx of ms can be made. Stress is not good for ms and I know that the position that you are in is horrible but it really is best for you not to worry. If it is ms then it is not the end of the world, to some it is a blip and to others it has more serious consequences but you will still be the person you always were pre whatever this episode is. Good luck and try to stay calm, Chis

Hello, and welcome

Please try not to panic. What you describe does sound very like an MS-like attack, but there are other things that can cause these things too that only happen once and there are actually quite a lot of people for who it is an MS attack, but they never have another one. So there is a good chance that this will be the only time that something like this happens to you!

Most people make a really good recovery from these things too, so hang in there - recovery could be just around the corner.

I hope all the tests go well and that you get some answers very soon.

Karen x

thank you Chris and Karen for you kind words, you are both right and I know I just have to wait and see what the scan shows. it would also seem looking at some of the posts that even after the MRI I may not get a diagnosis! very frustrating. on a positive if it is ms there appears to be lots of support here. x