MRI this friday the 27th

hi all even though i have a dx of TM i have an appt this friday coming for a brain scan as the roof of my mouth has been numb for the last few weeks .The thing is i don’t know if i want to know if anything else is happening because i have got used to living with TM but after all the hours reading on here MS seems to be a different ball game alltogether…guess i’m just scared of what might be…thank you all for taking time to read…baz

I’m firmly in the “better to know” camp. Only then can we really fight back (with the help of the experts of course!).

Keep remembering that MS is NOT the end of the world. Plus, your body doesn’t care what it’s labelled with; it will do whatever it wants, no matter what we call it!

I hope the scan goes well, and that you don’t have too long to wait for news.

Karen x