Mri soon. Quick question

Hello there.

Looking to find out how long it’s taking from mri to results for everyone? I know every area will be different but just looking for a general idea.

Also after my dentist malarkey I am looking to find out if anyone has had any weird stuff happen after flu jag?
I have booked mine but would rather know in advance of any weird stuff that normally happens.

Another random question. Has anyone broken out in non itchy hives with no allergy or infection?

Thanks. Suzy

I cant help with all your questions but my first mri results took around 4/5 with me chasing them up, my 2nd mri was only a few days but ws urgent under consultant.

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Thanks so much. Every bit helps

i had a mri at qmc nottingham on 27th august, got the results on 15th october so 7 weeks.

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6 weeks for me.