Mri scan results

Hi I recently had my 2nd Mri scan on Mar 21 and have to wait two weeks for the results, do they usually call you in to discuss them or do I have to arrange an appointment?

Thanks nicola

I think it depends on the results, I had a MRI and then was sent an appointment to see the neurologist. Now my appointment to see the neurologist now is next week, this time I didn’t have a MRI, I am getting my lumber puncture and blood tests results. Kay

Thanks very much for your reply. My GP’s has rung to say results were borderline so they will be doing an Mri in 3 months time. Not sure what borderline means…

Following on from the last information, I was only given a brain Mri, if I have more mobility problems should the euro have asked for a spinal as it was my 2nd Mri in 13 years of diagnosis?