MRI scan query

If you have an MRI scan when you’re in the middle of a bad relapse would the result be different to a scan taken when you were in remission?

Yep, because new plaques from a current relapse would be bigger, during remission they shrink.

I didn’t know this, but my MS nurse explained about this because when I last relapsed the neurologist prescribed the steroids but said to hold off taking them until after I’d had the MRI if I possibly could, but he didn’t explain WHY.

So I asked the MS nurse and she said that new plaques are bigger but they shrink down after 2 or 3 months, but if you take the steroids they shrink down immediately, making new lesions very hard to identify. So I guess having a scan when you’re in remission would make it just as hard.

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I had a brain only MRI recently, no relapse in past 12 months. I did have an ear infection that lasted 24hrs soon before the scan, hearing vibrations and loud low frequency noises in right ear. Have a new patch of inflammation on brain. I had contrast and I forgot to ask if the new patch of inflammation enhanced. I do feel my spine and legs are deteriorating though.