MRI Scan areas

Hi I am looking to refer for a private MRI scan, Can I ask what areas of the spine should I ask to get scanned as I think they split it into 3 areas or more when scanning and they charge per area. Thanks for any help. Would a upright scanner be okay to get this done?

Hi Emma

I think you should let your GP or Neuro advise you what areas to have scanned.

In my case, my Neuro usually orders MRI of the Head (brain), and Full Spine, that’s Cervical, Thoracic, and Lumbar**.**


(Sorry, I don’t know anything about upright scanners)

My only experience has been for the consultant neurologist (whether NHS or private) to commission the scan and then interpret the radiologist’s report upon it before feeding it all back to me, usually having also studied the pictures her/himself and possibly having consulted professional colleagues about potential ambiguities etc. So I wouldn’t know where to begin to advise you on DIY scan commissioning beyond suggesting that that some things (including this one) are maybe better left to the professionals.

The fact that you are considering commissioning a scan in this way suggests that you have had an unsatisfactory time of it with the medics, and I am sorry if this is so. Is there any scope for continuing to shop around for one you like and trust who can help guide you through the process? I am sorry if you are having a frustrating and difficult time.