MRI Resultss

Hello Everyone,

My MRI results of the thoracic and cervical spine were clear for lesions which is good. There was a bulged disc in the cervical area and general degenerative changes. The MRI was without contrast.

I still have buzzing in my abdomen and foot- it’s been 10 weeks of this. My doctor simply said to call him if it continues. I think he thinks it’s due to my anxiety which I don’t believe. I feel a little brushed off as he did not suggest any further investigations.

I called today to see if I can get a referral to a neurologist but he is on vacation for a few weeks- so now I have to wait.

Feeling frustrated

Maybe you need a consult with orthopaedics?

Are you in the U.K.? Your terminology appears to imply you aren’t. Same disease but process and treatment are different.

@crd No I am from Canada.