MRI results REVIEW

Hi everyone,

I had a mri 3 weeks ago, I haven’t heard anything yet.
I am on tecfidera at the moment.
I am just wondering if tecfidera is helping me or not, as
I haven’t got the results from mri.
I was told it was a review mri, I suppose to see about
the medication. As been on it since last February, scan was
meant to have been done after a year, but it was delayed due
to covid. I was told they are behind with results.
What is other peoples experiences of getting results.
I’m sure if something was wrong, I would have heard before now.
Or if the medication wasn’t working, would I have heard. I’m not sure.
Any advise please ???

My advice is to try to be patient in getting your results as you probably can’t speed anything up. It just isn’t good for anyone’s health to worry. Easier said than done but I’m sure we’ve all been there wanting something more quickly than it’s delivered. So try to distract yourself with something

My last Mri, Feb 2021, took around 5 weeks before I got the results. I’m on the Dotpost system now so I get emails when letters, appointments and results, are uploaded digitally. Results came in just after 9pm on a Saturday so someone was working late with the dictating. Not much you can do but wait. Knowing any sooner won’t change anything.