mri results previous 2005 ,please !!



mri results previous 2005 ,please !!
09 Jun 2012


mri results previous 2005 ,please !!

happyflowerhello please can you help me ,understand,

mri brain, reads as follows: multiple small lacunes are noted in the frontal and parietal deep white matter.the corpus and callosom is normal.though the appearances are non specific,these lacunar foci are likely to represent iscaemic changes,brain stem and cerebellum are normal.normal basal sellar or paraselllar abnomalaties are seen.normal ventricles and cisterms.small cystic ares are noted in the medial aspect of the right temporal lobe.these are unlikely to be of any significance.


these are a copy of my mri report done back in 2005,what do you think karren,of these and the newer one i had done in 2009,there seems a difference in them ,thankyo so much for your views,i am still collecting copies and letters,i havn't as yet written back to my neuro,i have just been upping doese of gabapentin to now 3x600mg daily,also another med for angina,



love boz xxx


Hi, idea on the above but just to let you know karen is on holiday.



Hi Boz,

As Karen is away I suggested that you ask on Everday Living instead because I thought there may be someone else who could explain the mri results to you. How about contacting your GP to see if he can help?

Debbie xx


A lacune is a small cerebral fluid filled cavity, most of the other stuff arE areas of the brain. Try and google terms not nderstood. Especially my typing. An be much help


Hi Boz
Last sentence should read av not been much help sorry typo fingers


hi evryone,

                      thankyou for your help,i appreciate it very much,it is a copy from my gp,he didn't pass any comment,trying to piece alot of things togther to write back to my neuro,hoping it will help me one day at least,thankyou  buddies.


                   love boz xxxps thankyou mike too very much.