mri results previous 2005 ,please !!

hello please can you help me ,understand,

mri brain, reads as follows: multiple small lacunes are noted in the frontal and parietal deep white matter.the corpus and callosom is normal.though the appearances are non specific,these lacunar foci are likely to represent iscaemic changes,brain stem and cerebellum are normal.normal basal sellar or paraselllar abnomalaties are seen.normal ventricles and cisterms.small cystic ares are noted in the medial aspect of the right temporal lobe.these are unlikely to be of any significance.

these are a copy of my mri report done back in 2005,what do you think karren,of these and the newer one i had done in 2009,there seems a difference in them ,thankyo so much for your views,i am still collecting copies and letters,i havn’t as yet written back to my neuro,i have just been upping doese of gabapentin to now 3x600mg daily,also another med for angina,

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Hi Boz,

This is definitely Karen’s field of expertise but she’s in Cuba at the moment.

It might be better to post it on Everyday Living for now.

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hi rubina,

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hii karen, please could you help me with looking at these and my lumbar spine results,thankyou so so much for your help .

hope your hloiday was special .

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I had a wonderful time, thanks Boz

I hadn’t heard of a lacune before, but had a google. Found this, which is very informative:

I think, from this, that a lacune is a small hole filled with CSF that therefore looks like a lesion on some scans. There seems to be some confusion about what causes them, but it could be stroke. (“Ischemic changes” means changes relating to (restricted) blood supply.)

So you have several of these holes in the frontal lobe, which is at the front of the head, above your eyes and back to above your ears, and the parietal lobe, which is behind the frontal lobe and in front of the occipital lobe which is at the very back of the head. The rest of the report is basically saying that everything was normal or nothing to worry about.

The frontal and parietal lobes are not areas that are typical of MS. People with MS do get lesions there, but they also get lesions in the typical areas for MS (next to the ventricles, in the cerebellum and brain stem, etc). Given that the radiologist has used the word lacune and not lesion, it seems he/she was confident that they were not demyelination, and therefore not MS-related.

Sorry, I can’t remember what your more recent scan reports said. Refresh my memory?

Karen x

hi karen,

happy to hear you had the best time in cuba, my recent scan is on here i think it was a couple of years ago,and again refers to periventricular area,again they are ,or at least i mean dr martin are unsure between ishemic and demylation,i have aso put my spinal report on here with rguard to lumbar,i am at the moment gathering alot of copies to send to dr martin,in one of the copies,he does go to say," the fact still remains she does have several white spots",he was taking about the latest mri,i feel like so close,yet so far away.interesting to learn where these areas are,thankyou so much karen,for all your help.hope you find my other reports mri latest one and spinal lower lumbar region bless you.

love boz xxx,i am now on 1800 mg gabapentin helping alot.