hi guys as u all no i have been in limbo land for a while now. well finally got mri results bac from believe it or not the eye specialist gav me them after months of waiting on neurologists secetery posting them to my gp. they hav came bac clear. the eye spesialist has told me he can ignore the problems with both eyes as both opticians photograghs hav showed something that shouldnt b there but on test yesterdy he could not c what is showing up on the pics . he is baffled to what it could b he isnt sure wats wrong . i am still waiting on lumbur punture appoitment coming through its been months now , i am still seeing things move bac and forward and wen in my partners car wen hes stopped ithink we are still moving , which results in me shouting out at him thinking we r going to crash its really annoying but funny at the same time , also my memory is getting worse i am not aloud near the cooker or fryer as i tend to go away and ferget there on ,, i dont remember any short term things ,, so av been told there is something wrong but the doctors and specialists are baffled to wat this is ,, it is so frustrating not knowing as i no my body and i no things are not rite , i am only 40 wish sum1 would just diagnose something so i can get on with my life knowing wat it is i am dealing with xxxxxxxx thanks for listening

Hi hun, I`m with you on wishing someone would give me a firm diagnosis, then I could get on with living.

14yrs I`ve been having tests. Seen 13 neuros who have widely differing opinions.

I have lost all mobikity in my legs, need meds to ease spasms and nerve pain. I take meds for an overactive bladder and all sorts for sluggish bowels.

I could cope if I just had a name for my problems.

I hope you get an answer soon.

luv Pollx

think its shocking as we no our own bodys and no wen somethings not rite , i am getting to the stage ware a can say a just dont care anymore sometimes they make u feel as if its all in the head then i sit and wonder is it all in my head but my partner will say am the one that helped u to the toilet  helped dress u wen u couldnt so how can ot b in your head  , am still awaiting lumbur punture so hope to hell something shows up lol

Don't forget that a clear MRI makes MS much less likely, but not impossible. However, there are still lots of other causes of your symptoms too so try and keep an open mind.

Hang in there! Hopefully you'll get some answers soon.

Karen x