MRI results and lemtrada


I was hoping some one might be able to help with my query. I have had two relapses in the last year, weakness in my legs for the first one and a sensory relapse in my legs for the second which was numbness and awful nerve pain. I currently take Tecfidera and my Neuro suggested I start Lemtrada which I agreed too and I am waiting for ms nurse to ring me to arrange this. My Neuro also requested a brain MRI which I have had and the results have revealed no new changes since my last brain MRI in 2015. The relapses I had were proper relapses and I still haven’t recovered fully so I’m confused and I’m concerned now I won’t be able to have Lemtrada because of the MRI results. Anyone else experienced this or any thoughts on this? Anything would be appreciated

Thank you


I can’t help you out, but I should think the place to get answers is a forum called Shift: lots of people on there have had Lemtrada and you should be able to get your answer there easily.