MRI result

My MRI results says “tiny foci of signal abnormality in the posterior aspect of the right corona radiata. This represents perivascular space rather than lacunar infarction. No abnormality seen on diffusion weighted imaging. Normal ventricular configuration and sulcal pattern for patients age.” The consultant said that I should not worry about this.

It then goes on to say “cervical spine - degenerative changes affecting the spine with loss of cervical lordosis”

and C67 disc bulge causing foraminal narrowing worse on right side.

Normal cord signal seen throughout. Normal appearance of cranio cervical junction.

Is this reassuring?

Oh no I just googled “lesion in corona radiata” and “ataxic hemiparesis” came up :’( that’s what I have :(. Why did he ignore this

I don’t know much about the first part, but you have some slight disk changes and wear/changes in the neck. I only know the terms from having scoliosis myself and having an abnormal spine and lots of xrays over the years.

However, I unsure whether they are really a huge problem, they may be related to weakness in surrounding muscles, injury, bad posture etc. I have scoliosis where my spine in naturally quite twisted, I get skeleto-muscular pain if I become unfit. However, generally it does not cause problems. But spines are often imperfect, the human body is full of niggly little issues.

You really need a doctor to tell you for sure though. Hopefully someone who know’s more will answer your question.

the “tiny foci…” could literally be a tiny anomaly, nothing consequential and something normal that you sometimes get on an MRI. It could be related to migraines!

But you really need someone else with more knowledge to tell you.

Overall pretty normal and doesn’t look like MS.

You said on a previous post you are seeing your neurologist today. I’m sure you’ll have these results explained to you then. Nobody here is qualified to give you any answers and Google isn’t helpful when someone doesn’t have any medical knowledge. Good luck with your appointment.


I think you need to be careful of google! You really need a doctor to interpret it and trust what a doctor says. But get a second opinion if you’re worried.

Also, read this: Overdiagnosis - Wikipedia

Some things ‘wrong’ with our body are inconsequential. The idea of ‘healthy’ is a relatively modern concept and the human body is not perfect.

I saw him and he said it was fine but how can it be fine if I’m having symptoms that directly correlate with it

If he thinks it’s fine, there may be a good reason, like the MRI may not be showing what you would expect for a diagnosis, i.e the word ‘tiny’.

So I would definitely speak to a doctor and stay away from Google for a bit.

He said it was “probably” perivascular space and not a lesion, but given that the area this spot was in corresponds exactly with my symptoms, i’m very worried. I don’t know why he ignored that my right arm and leg are weak

Didn’t you say that there is no ‘clinical’ weakness though? There is a huge different between observable ‘clinical’ weakness and ‘feeling’ weak.

You can feel weak if you don’t sleep enough, don’t get enough exercise, vitamin levels are low, anxiety, stress, don’t eat well, drink and smoke etc

I really think you need to listen to the Neurologist, try to look after yourself and get some rest, eat well etc.


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No i swear, I cant even put lip balm on without my arm feeling weak and dropping. I just wish people would listen to me. When he examined me he said my arm strength was “more or less” symmetrical. Not symmetrical then is it. I’ve never been an anxious person until all of this started!!! I feel like I’ve been robbed of my life and no one even wants to talk to me about it

In that case you maybe you need some physio for your weakness and possible neck disk changes, so I definitely think you should see your GP soon??

Either way, make an appointment with your GP and try not to get yourself in a state over it. I understand you are having problems though and I don’t discount them.

I have clinical weakness in my shoulders, I cannot lift my arms above a certain point. It’s not that they get they tired, it’s just that I cannot physically move my arms past a point no matter how much force I put into them as something is wrong with the possible nerves and muscles there (still under investigation). A neurologist was able to observe this, so was the physiotherapist and GP.

This is interesting.

"True vs. perceived weakness

  • True weakness (or neuromuscular) describes a condition where the force exerted by the muscles is less than would be expected, for example muscular dystrophy.
  • Perceived weakness (or non-neuromuscular) describes a condition where a person feels more effort than normal is required to exert a given amount of force but actual muscle strength is normal, for example chronic fatigue syndrome."

from Weakness - Wikipedia

I really hope you can get some peace with all this and I do genuinely belive you have some weakness, but not necessarily related to your CNS. But all you can do is see you GP, relax and try not to google every symptom. Only a doctor can assess and diagnose you.


I’m just annoyed that there was signal abnormality in the exact area that i’m having problems with but he doesn’t care. I’m just going to relax and have a nice christmas now

Have a lovely Christmas

thank you. you too:)

I think it seems more likely you have a few spinal issuses causeing the weakness in your arm etc. I think you need to talk to your GP now and work out where you need to go from here.

after xmas so just enjoy it for now.

It does look as though you have issues there.

but nothing too much to worry about at the moment but probably enough to be causing you some issues.

Thank you for the reassurance, going to take everyones advice and put it out my mind now and enjoy christmas :slight_smile:

That sounds like a very good plan.

The neurologist was giving you good news, or so it seems to me. Most of the other things the neurologist could have said would have been worse news - many of them much worse. Please allow yourself to be pleased about good news, however strong your reservations.



Thank you Alison I will!

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