MRI question

Morning all

I had an MRI of my brain last July, got a letter in October to tell me I had an area of inflammation on my brain, saw neurologist in Feb, who is an MS specialist, and he said he is fairly sure I have RRMS, he has written to my GP to confirm this and is suggesting DMDs.

He is arranging for me to go into hospital as a day patient to have full spine and brain MRI’s and visionary and sensory evoked potentials, (I think I’ve described that correctly, not really sure what it is) along with immune screen and lumbar puncture. I also have Cauda Equina Syndrome so have had a few MRI’s in my time but for the last one I had I was about a stone lighter than I am now. I am tall but definitely very well covered, so now am freaking out about fitting in the scanner. I rang the hospital and they didn’t really answer me, just said ‘I’m sure it will be fine’!

Does anyone have any experience of this or am I just choosing the wrong thing to freak out about :slight_smile:

Many thanks


Your freak out alert system is going to be set on a hair trigger just now, so don’t be too hard on yourself about freaking out over something that you know in your heart isn’t really a problem. Once you have carefully analysed the statement ‘I’m sure it will be fine’ and declared it free from hidden meanings, please allow yourself to believe it!

I hope that it all goes OK for you.


Hi Liv. You are not freaking out. It’s natural to be anxious. I had a complete spine MRI this afternoon and I was dreading it too. Even though I have had one before. I know I am bigger than I was 10 years ago when I had my first MRI.

I am sure they have all shapes and sizes that need an MRI scan. From what I gather, I think the largest weight that can use the MRI is 24 stone. Not sure about this mind but it confirms it on the Internet too. When you rang the hospital did you tell them your weight?

The visual evoked potential test is quite straightforward. They just put a few patches on your head which are attached to wires and are plugged into a computer screen. You are asked to look at a screen which in my case had movable boxes moving around the screen and the computer tells them how fast your eyes are recognising the moving boxes.

Good luck. Hope all goes well.


I had another MRI a week ago and although it was only for my leg, it was the fifth time for an MRI scan and four of these have been fully body ones…now I am what 6"2 and 16 stone and there was oodles of room in there for me.

I would imagine that anyone can fit inside.



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Many thanks for your responses and thanks for your well wishes.

They didn’t ask my weight, I just told them I was of a larger persuasion .

I do think I am transferring my worry onto something else, I’m not 24 stone so may be I can chill a bit.

Thanks for the info Shazzie, glad your MRI was better than you anticipated.



I had my scan on Christmas Eve and I’m about 6ft and 20st. It was a little tight but I got in and out quite easily.