MOved to Abu Dhabi - Hospital Suggestions

Hey Guys

Been living in Oman for the last four yearsm and had an Neurosurgeon there, but now i have moved to Abu Dhabi and finding information, and anyone who knows a good hospital to go to in order to get a good level of treatment. Went onto Finglomod 2 years ago after Xtavia, and have not had any relapses, still a few day to day symptoms (mainly pins and needles in my hands) but generally feeling better these days (maybe the sun too!)

Just wondering if anybody has any experience out here of a decent hospital and a decent Neurologist, need to get setup so i dont start missing any medication. Fortunately i got a 3 month supply from my previous Dr. but a month in now so need to get sorted,

If anyone can help please let me know, internet information seems sparse at best!