motability thank you


yesterday i went to my ms therapy centre which is about 15 miles and i use the motorway to get there.

i had a lovely time there, got my ears hopi candled and had hyberbarric oxygen therapy, loads of chat and cakes!!

driving home full of the joys of spring when a tyre blew out!

i pulled onto hard shoulder and phoned motability who put me through to motability assist and told me to stand over the crash barrier.

all was well but my ms legs do not like standing for long. it was raining, a wet drizzle and i was getting a bit p***ed off.

a nice motorway police man stopped to see if i was alright. he told me that he’d cleared my bits of tyre up and asked if i wanted them back. no thank you.

he then gave me a bright yellow plastic raincoat.

so i waited looking glamorous in my new mac!

the rescue van and a nice man arrived and got me back on the road.

i was shaking like a leaf and felt nervous about pulling onto the motorway so he followed me along the hard shoulder and pulled out flashing me to do the same and i made it home.

today i took my car to kwikfit who sorted it out for me and didnt charge me!

just thought i’d say how much i appreciate the motobility service, i was well looked after.

carole x

How frightening for you but it does restore one’s faith in human nature when kindness is showed. My daughter had a tyre blow on her car and she ended up on the centre barrier of the motorway and was so scared. The police were brilliant. So glad you felt well looked after - it makes all the difference.

You were well looked after. Would you mind me asking Carole. Whats involved/expected outcome, in the hyperbarric oxygen therapy please?


hyperbarric oxygen therapy involves sitting in a decompression tank breathing oxygen through a mask.

i cant explain what it does for me but after the first 15 sessions i could tell there was a difference, bladder behaved better.

i’ve been going for a couple of years now and just go once or twice a week.

if you are going to try it, remember to take a book because you’re in the tank for over an hour.

if your sinuses are a problem it will hurt like ffff** so thats why i have hopi candling, it amends the pressue within your sinuses.

carole x

Thank you for explaining that Carole…will look into it. It could be worth a try.

whereabouts are you blossom?

i’m in bolton and i go to trafford m s therapy centre.

carole x

I’m in east yorkshire, Noreen x

How strange… I too had a tyre blow out on my way home from pilates last night. I lost control and veered into the opposite lane, yanked hard left to correct and not hit oncoming car, span 180 and ended up in the hedge. Scary! Especially as there is a 6 ft drop the other side of the hedge… Happened about 8pm and recovery didn’t arrive til half 9 (despite playing the lone female card) but I was kept company first by the lovely chap I nearly drove into, then by 3 different and very friendly policeman. The recovery man when he arrived was absolutely lovely too. So, what could have been an awful experience only cost £100 to fix (new tyre the only damage - could have been a write off) and restored my faith in humanity into the bargain. Very strange to read of a similar thing happening to you on the same day. xx