Had my flu jab yesterday and blood test and Heather got the car MOT’d and it was serviced

having a rest today


I’m hoping you’re feeling better this week Don

Jan x

Are you feeling a bit better, Don? Was worried for you.

I’ve always had my flu jab since I had cancer. We know the nurse at our GPs practice very well, and last year when I’d been up there to see the Doc, she spotted us in the waiting room and said “Come and have your flu jabs quickly,” and she did both our jabs in between booked patients. Now that’s the sort of service I like from the NHS!

Hi Don

Hope this week is better for you, you sure have been through a lot lately.

Last 2 years I have had a bad reaction to the flu jab, so still pondering about whether or not this year.

Pam x

Pam I had a bad reaction and stopped having them and then when I thought about full blown flu I started having them again.

Kev I love the NHS and sing its praises all the time, I am feeling much better this week I even tried stretches on the bottom of the stairs this afternoon

Jan I am much much better thanks it was just over two weeks in bed but now I am downstairs again YIPPEE

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