More confused than before: next steps?- symptom post

Recently I saw a neurologist to discuss some physical symptoms I had been experiencing and after having a normal Nerve Conduction Study he mentioned the possibility of anxiety. We tested CK and C Reactive Proteins- both were normal.

So, my questions are: has anyone had a neurologist refuse to test further and attribute symptoms to anxiety? Does anyone know how long and to what intensity an anxiety attack can last?

I ask because I had been treating my symptoms like a sports injury until the second episode (which was debilitating), but anxiety could very well play a role given I have been very upset about not being able to train or compete (I’m a trail marathoner).

For me, the first incident happened a few weeks after my wedding in October 2017. It started as nerve pain down my right thigh which I attributed to the very serious piriformis tightness/spasms that has started a few month prior. Over 3 weeks the piriformis spasms/tightness worsened the nerve pain moved into both legs. I picked up a TENS machine and heat pad which helped and started doing Iyengar Yoga. If I didn’t do a daily 30+ minute HIIT session the tightness and pain would become worse. After about 3 weeks the symptoms suddenly went away (over night).

The second incident was in January where it started out the same but then developed into a twitch in the bottom of my foot and right calf, I couldn’t stand up straight or stay in one position with how bad the spasms/tightness was in my piriformis and was repeatedly woken up at night. It worsened over the few weeks to the point where I had to be in an active piriformis stretch to stop the pain from reaching an unmanageable point. I started taking naproxen which helped take the edge off and allowed me to work. A few days before the sensations disappeared again I started getting a burning/tingling in my hands and arms, a sharp stabbing in my right bicep, and electric-like stabbing the nail beds of my right hand. All the other sensations went away except for the burning in my hands/arms and the twitch in the bottom of my foot. Occasionally I still get twitching in my other leg muscles.

Now that the neuro has suggested anxiety I wonder if my tight piriformis has made me anxious about not training and not progressing. It’s making me feel a bit silly about pushing any further testing.

keep regular appointments with your gp because if you ever see a neurologist again, it will be helpful to have your symptoms on your medical notes.

maybe a physiotherapist would be able to help.

some of us have found mindfulness meditation good for anxiety.

i hope you are soon back competing

Thank you Carole :slight_smile: I will be sure to do that. I should have mentioned, I started seeing a physio due to weakness in my hips and back but we re-directed the efforts after the first ‘episode’. Since then we have been focusing on creating balance between my right and left side and releasing my pirifomis/glutes. So far I have made significant gains in the balance/strength between and right and left side but my piriformis just won’t release and the spasms have continued intermittently.

it sounds like a long, slow process which must be frustrating for you.

keep it up though

good luck