Mooncup (one for the ladies)

Hi all, I posted a thread a few weeks back about struggling with removing tampons. The other day someone told me about Mooncup, a reusable alternative to tampons. I was wondering if anyone on here has used one and how they have got on with it. I am thinking of giving it a go. Barney


I have used a menstrual cup for a few years.I prefer it to tampons,but mainly because I’m very keen on recycling etc,so prefer something that is re-usable.

To insert it,you need to fold it lengthwise,and takes a little bit of practice.Also,to remove it ,if there is not a lot of liquid in it,can be quite tricky,as it tends to be ‘higher up’,IYKWIM.There is a long silicone tail on the menstrual cup,which you can cut to length depending on your needs.This will help you to grasp the cup to remove it.I cut it very short,as I could feel this and it was uncomfortable for me.I probably cut it too short though.Sometimes I have a lot of difficulty removing it,which is no fun.

You still need a fair amount of manual dexterity.

It is much more comfortable to remove,because it won’t leave you dry inside and be uncomfortable/painful in the way that tampons are,if they are not full of blood (sorry,don’t know how else to put it!).

Hope this helps you.I would say that they’re certainly worth a try.

Thanks for your experience, I will give it a go. I like the idea of it being reusable and also save money as well as being better for the environment.

Hi Barney, I remember your thread about removing tampons, I struggle a bit with this too but not due to problems with my hands but more with balancing while I pull it out / put the new one in. I had considered trying using a Mooncup before but never got around to it, sounds like it might help you, good luck if you decide to try. Cheryl:-)

I use a mooncup but being honest, if you’re struggling to remove a tampon you will struggle to remove and insert a mooncup. It uses suction to keep it in place so needs a good tug to break the seal and remove it. It also sits higher than a tampon so you have to really get up in there to take it out. If you’re dexterity isn’t great I wouldn’t think it’d be easy to use.

Meme has just said what I’d have thought about it, I never tried it before I had MS for that reason alone… I’m clumsy whatever!

Sonia x

Hi Barney

I’d never heard of these so I googled them and there are some vidoes on YouTube comparing different brands. It seems that some brands have better finger grips than others so it might be worth a bit of research before you spend your money. I’m tempted to get one (although possibly not the Mooncup) as it does seem like a money saver. I do have reasonable dexterity in one hand so it might just work for me.

Tracey x

Thanks for all your responses. I have decided to order one and give it a go, ordered from Amazon so saved a few pounds. If I don’t give it a go I will always wonder if it could have helped. Gripping the different texture I think might help compared to string but I might be wrong. I will have to wait and see. I might have wasted my money if I can’t get on with it but if it works will save myself loads. Barney

I hope it works for you.

I used one of these for quite a while. Think I only stopped when pregnant and not sure where it got to…! I liked the eco aspect but did find it fiddly to remove - I might try one with a different grip now. Good luck, hope it works for you!

Thanks for your support