mood swings

I have Multiple Sclerosis for almost 20 years now. No serious visible disabilities but cannot enjoy the things I used to do. And every year I get worse. But my most serious problem, the one that people near me cannot understand is depression and mood swings. It seems that people can understand better the physical disabilities and offer their help, but when it comes to understanding how you feel and offer psychological help or just listen, showing their interest on how you feel and how MS affects your living, how the limitations affect your life and wellbeing, very few are there. Even companions find it very difficult to understand. Anyone else with Depression and mood swings? I would really like to share thoughts and opinions on this issue.

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Hi Athichri

ms is an invisible illness and so is depression so you have a double whammy.

my son has mental health issues and my ms has given me insight into the horror of invisible illness.

he gets carer’s allowance for looking after me.

i look after him in different ways.

he makes sure i don’t fall over physically and i make sure he doesn’t fall over mentally.

he is brilliant at picking me up off the floor.

i hope that i’m as good at picking him up from his dark place.

sorry i haven’t answered your post properly but my own experience has similarities.

hope you manage to find someone to chat to both on here and in real life.

try your nearest ms therapy centre.

the best therapy of all is the company of people who really get it.

once you find people you can talk to who understand, you’ll be in a far better place.

take care

carole x