Money management

How do you guys manage your money?

direct debits because if i had to go out to pay bills… well it wouldn’t happen.

i’ve run up credit card debts though.

on line shopping, need to be careful.

Hi Prioritise debts and pay the big priorities by direct debit. Dependant on your credit score, there is some excellent deals on 0% credit cards to pay off credit card debts. The Martin Lewis website is a good place to start if you are struggling. DO NOT hide from debts. Paul

At least two days a week, don’t drive or go to any shop.

If I have food in and loo roll etc and go for a walk or out, I only take 10 pound emergency money.

If I fancy something from the shop, I never buy multi amounts, I just buy one bar of choc. It might seem like false economy but I only buy one and eat one. It is only me so I don’t have to think about buying for anyone else but I have found that if you don’t take money out, you can get your spending down to the bone. I also put extra in to my direct debits for gas and electricity during the summer so that when I feel so ill during the winter, I can keep warm without worrying too much.

Strange question. And a bit odd, coming from nowhere. What has that got to do with the price of fish??

If you look at Deejays last query, it was about his need to move out of parents house. Having been diagnosed with MS young, before setting up an independent life, I can understand it is difficult to move on.

I haven’t answered, because my situation is very different. I’m aged 51, married and have been independent for all my adult life. Starting life with MS at 30 and still able to work for another 10 years and earn reasonably well is a completely different situation to being young, single and needing to develop independence.

Deejay could perhaps have explained his reasoning, but it’s not difficult to understand the rationale for the question. Perhaps more useful might be answers from other people who have been diagnosed young and have managed to attain financial independence regardless.


Ah well, I read this in isolation so forgive the reaction. DJ, you are’nt the only 30 year old liveing with parents. Many “normal” 30 yr olds are simply cuz of finances.

And sad to say, your situation is tricky. As far as council is concerned you have a home, so you aren’t homeless! Shitty I know.

Try googling the housing associations in your area and getting on their lists. We have just (after 4 years) moved to a bungalow.

If you are on your own (no partner) and can cope on your own, and not bothered about garden, ground floor flat is option

Our landlord is HABINTEG - they specialise in properties for disabled people.

I assumed your response was purely based on the information given at the start of the thread (ie virtually none). And my reaction to your post was initially the same as yours. I was just curious as to why.

It’s a good thing to try to give some practical advice. I simply have none to give Deejay, just sympathy for the situation.