just wondered what side effects can one expect from taking MODAFINIL pls? thnx again tc Anna x

Wakefulness, definitely. I felt it made me a bit (more) hyper than normal as well.

I started taking this a few months ago and I love it. Has given me so much more mental energy. I felt a bit wired the first few days, a little bit high really, but that subsided after a week or so. I also lost my appetite a bit at first too, but that isn’t an issue anymore. Guess side effects different for everyone, but I think this drug is worth a try.

Hi Anna.
I have been using Modafinil for some years now.
It was originally prescribed when I was still working as I was finding the constant fatigue impossible to deal with.
I cannot say I have noticed any side effects at all, although I do sometimes struggle to sleep.
Since retiring 4 years ago I only take them if I am going to have “busy” day, this averages about 2 days a week.

Hope this helps / reasures you!


For the first week I had a bit of a headache, but only a mild one. I don’t take it after mid-day as it can stop me from sleeping, and I ration my caffeine intake as it can make me feel a bit ‘jittery’. It took me a while to get the dose right for me (150mg first thing) but it has made a big difference to my mental ‘fatigue’. :slight_smile:

The main side effect for me has been a dry mouth. It seemed to ease after a couple of weeks but still rears it’s ugly head on the odd occasion. Nothing I can’t handle mind you. A small price to pay for the benefit of the extra few hours it has added to my day. Ann Marie

Iv just started taking them, but still stuck on level 215 candy crush. Lol no seriously how much should I be taking??

I am always soooo worn out that I do not remeber the last time I woke up feeling I had the energy to get up.

My gp will not give it to me due to the huge array of meds for all my illnesses ( or is it a cost thing ??? )