Has anyone successfully been prescribed Modafinil in the last three years as a new medication?

I’ve tried everything to combat my fatigue (even unconventional things) and I have had many a query about modafinil shut down.

I am tempted to try to buy it online but I’m so scared this is not safe.

It has been suggested that I may have more success with a private consultant. How would I go about finding one and is there any way to find out if the ones local to me are willing to/have prescribed modafinil?!

Is anyone out there in the South East (outer london or sussex or even southampton/ports) who has succesfully had modafinil prescribed either privately or NHS who would be willing to share their consultants name with me so I can pursue an appointment?

Hi I was prescribed Modafinil, my consultant suggested it and a locum GP prescribed it after moaning how expensive it was. Unfortunately it didn’t work for me. I tried amantadine which worked fantastically well the side effects though shut my kidneys down and also damaged my liver. I also has very low BP and fevers of over almost 40 degrees c. This was after being on the drug for a month. So after a 3 day stay in hospital I no longer take amantadine and as an added bonus I have stage 3 kidney failure from it.

That’s a shame. Sorry you’ve had to go through that. Amantadine did nothing for me,bive tried ot on two occasions, for over 6months each time and a few months in between.


I had it prescribed a few years. It was good, though some days it made no difference at all. However, I eventually had to come off it as my blood pressure started going through the roof. So I wouldn’t recommend buying it online, as you need monitoring. Good luck finding a private consultant though.