Mobilty Scooter opinions

Just looking at getting a mobility scooter…looking at the Pro-rider Road king (8mph)

Does anyone have one / tried one?
It seems brilliant for the money (£899), but wanted to see what other people thought of it as I cannot find one near enough to test drive!


Hi Isobel I can’t comment on that particular one but just wanted to say, having resisted for so long, I finally, recently bought one and…I absolutely love it. The first day I had it, I went out, unaided, for the first time in a year !! Mine is now pimped up with stickers and pink stuff and wins many an admiring glance, smile and occasionally even comments. Enjoy the freedom…,mine is called George after George Michaels song, “freedom”. Catherine Xx

I am really looking forward to getting one, so I can take my older daughter to school and my younger daughter for walks round the village and to nursery after christmas…at the moment I can’t even get down the drive and back again! My Neuro has told me to get one for the last year, but it has been my husband who is very reluctant for me for get one! I am really looking forward to it, just want to make sure I get a good one!
Isobel x

It’s got good reviews on Amazon