Mobility car to WAV or not

Hi I need some advice please… my partner has MS… currently he isn’t that mobile and I can’t get him in to our usual car.
I have read about WAVs etc but he isn’t keen… he wants to try and get stronger and have a choice. Can you borrow a WAV short term? Any advice welcome. Thanks

Suggest you book a trip he would enjoy that you cannot do with your car using a service that has a WAV.
As the MS sufferer I know it is very difficult to know how much you are in a dip and how much you have slipped further down the slope. I found that buying an all terrain rollator was more effective than my scooter. (I use both for different things, but the rollator is more versatile). Try and work through things together. Concentrate on what it would allow you both to do.

Now that’s a good idea. Thank you