Mob Scooter safety group... ukmobilityscooters are interested in setting it up!

Hi everyone,

Following a recent thread about a campaign against mobility scooter danger, lots of people on here responded with good ideas.

A voluntary scheme might be a good idea where those of us who are responsible and safe scooter riders (all of us on here I’m sure!) could have a sticker on our scooter… a sort of scooter club… & a voluntary training scheme.

Anyway I pitched the idea to and below is a copy of response from Tina who runs the website. She has some good ideas on training etc.

Apart from everything else she says… she’s also is trying to come up with a name for the group. Anyway read Tina’s response below and let me know what you think.

I thought of ScooterSafe but it’s a bit boring yes?

Get your thinking caps on and come up with a good catchy name!

`Hi Pat, `
 I think the sticker campaign idea is 
`brilliant. If enough Scooter users agree to a voluntary scheme by pledging to `
`ride responsibly, have a minimum of third party insurance, take voluntary `
`training where needed etc then the government would back this, and it would stop `
`the need for costly training, DVLA registration and other unnecessary laws to be `
`implemented. I also think we can get dealers around the country to sign up too. `
`Agreeing to offer training to all new Scooter users, and users in their area `
`that request training. I have a contact that designs stickers so will ask about `
`costs etc today. What should we call the scheme? Would you like to ask in the `
`forum for ideas? What should the pledge be? It's about time we got some positive `
`press coverage for Scooter users, instead of the constant bad news they all seem `
`to report.`
`I'll get started on the idea today and we'll see where we go from here.`
`Tina x`

Well done Pat,a really positive letter.I’m now wondering who is going to devise the training and get it over to the people who have volunteered to take it? Would any ‘full time’ scooter rider listen to anybody who isn’t?

As for the sticker and name,'ows about BeeSafe with a simple image of a cartoon busy bee on a scooter with a big green tick(not a creepy crawly)…But then again


I love that… a bee logo is great idea. I’ll be sending Tina a link to this thread.

I know it seems like huge task and might not work… but worth a go I think. It’s so topical it just might get some publicity and interest from other disability groups.

Thanks Wb… good one.

Pat x

Hello again Pat,a bit more on BeeSafe.Could it be designed in the same sort of design as Hazel’s “Oh Crap” avatar on here.Does that make sense,even though H was mentioned.I’d wear a T shirt with it on, if it warms up and they make a ‘Cuddly Boy’ size,


Steve x

Poll, I’m not getting any better.The Tagline on the sticker could be…BeeSafe.Hive done the training…Told you

Wb x

I sort of like the Bee logo/sticker idea Pat, but my ideas were more along the lines of scooter design improvements to be honest , and the safety and update of controls , and cut out switches , and bumpers , and revolving lights , none of which were mentioned in the letter of response ?, so , I’m tending still to think back to my origonal thought about it all , about being left alone !

and propose the Bee logo with the words “leave us Bee” !


p.s. the only trouble with the Bee logo, is that it denotes an image of being busy ? , oh I wish !!

p.p.s. the only other trouble is that of late Bees have started to decline in numbers , and may feel a little put out to be splattered on the front of a mobility scooter , who would want to stirr up a revolution amongst angry bees ? , especially as we are limited to 8mph at best ? , and unable to jump in a pond to escape ? , the scooter insurance wouldn’t even cover it ? , oh well , just a thought !

what about a cow logo ? “why don’t you MOOOOVE ?”

or the politer version , “please MOOOOVE”

back to the bees , “BEE WARE” !

didn’t explain the “BEE WARE” sticker very well , perhaps it should have read “I’ve taken the safety training but have a short memory span” first ?

good news folks , due to the overwhelming response I’m gonna shut up ! , it’s just so good sometimes to come on here and relieve that feeling of isolation and just chat , and have a laugh ? , if it weren’t for this site sometimes , you could just feel like you were sat talking to yourself ?

good news folks , due to the overwhelming response I’m gonna shut up ! , it’s just so good sometimes to come on here and relieve that feeling of isolation and just chat , and have a laugh ? , if it weren’t for this site sometimes , you could just feel like you were sat talking to yourself ?


i have not got anything constructive to add but just wanted to say i have enjoyed reading ur replies

ellie x

thanks Ellie , I don’t think I was adding anything constructive either LOL

Hi Achord… always good to see your responses… I answer when I come on but I’m not on the forum all the time!

But you have great ideas and just cos people don’t respond doesn’t mean they’re not reading.

Pat x

thanks Pat , , I wasn’t moaning at any one person , I guess I’m still a computer Dinosaur , and can’t get used to a 2 hour lapse in response , or the thought that someone ‘might’ be reading LOL


Hi John, helps to remember that lots of people only come on every few days, some others maybe once a day.

Then remember that a thread like this will only attract people who use a mobility scooter. Then once someone has read a thread they might not look at it again even though there are new posts on it.

Lots of people read posts on here but are a bit shy about putting a response on.

Taking all that into consideration a thread can go hours and sometimes even a couple of days without getting a response.

So looking at all of that it’s really not personal when people don’t respond.

Don’t ever let it put you off posting though! (I certainly never have as you might have noticed… LOL…)

Pat x

Hi Pat , I think I’ve been shut indoors too long due to the cold weather etc , it can breed a bit of paranoia , (where’s spell checker when you need it ? ) LOL , so thanks for the reassurance about posting , I know I can tend to talk too much at times , and probably make little or no sense these days , but , I won’t be put off just yet then , most of what I say is said with a smile , though sometimes it can be difficult to convey that in cyber world ? , till next time then

John x