mitoq anyone ?

anyone tried it,i have just been deliverd mine,hope its ok for me.

J x

What is it mrsJ a DMD?


it is an anti-oxidant which targets the mitochondria.

used in lots of face creams.

i’m an old hag and only know this because i googled it.

carole x

Interesting, I shall have to look.

Ta Carole x

Well I’ve looked. It comes in cream and supplements. Might be interested to try the cream but I’m a bit of a coward when it comes to popping pills. I don’t even like taking the ones I’m prescribed.

Hope it works for you mrsJ


Hi Blossom, sorry just seen you asked what mitoq is, i see Carole told you,though,

i hope it works, i dont like popping pills, but i like the sound of these, i have been taking CQ10 supplements for 6 months and i seem to have a bit more clarity in my mind,and these are supposed to be the best antioxident there is,so heres hoping.

J x

hope they work for you, let us know

Yes, do let us know mrsJ

If you think it helps you in any way with regards improving thinking processes, I will be up for trying. I’m getting more confused/forgetful as time passes. Thank goodness for pen and paper and calendars.