If you could turn back time and rectify any mistakes what would you do? I’ve made loads and mostly I have learned from them, but I would definitely be a better daughter, not that I was a bad one, but I could have been better. Secondly I should never have given my ex-husband a second chance when he let me down, if I hadn’t given him a second chance I would never have married him, and that marriage was my biggest mistake!

Don’t beat yourself up. I do regret my first marriage, but I have three great children because of him.

Julie xxx

I left my husband the week before my first relapse and it was a big one. Left him because he was insensitive and didn’t care about people. I had a bleed with my daughter he lay on the settee and slept as he was tired!! I wasn’t planning on going for near half as I thought I’d get a good job and would support myself except ms had other ideas. The week after I was diagnosed with ms told him we needed to review the separation agreement and he told me claim disability we agreed that. I was in hospital left our 12 week old baby with mum our 4 year old son and doc with my mum. My dad was at sea my grandparents live downstairs from my parents they were getting major renovations done and granda has bad dementia. And someone asked how I was his reply how would I know we’re not together!! 11 years together separated for 4 weeks at that point. So yeah he’s a big regret. Apart from my amazing kids and thank god for supportive family. His family haven’t seen daughter since she was 4 weeks old but a sack of toys at Christmas make up from it not!! Anyway sorry for rant.