*** Missing posts - Apologies

Hi all

In my efforts to clear the rest of the Chinese spam from last night I'm afraid I've just had one of those terrible moments where I realised (after it was too late) that I had accidentally deleted a page of content I didn't mean to.

It included about  50 totallly valid posts and replies - all of them and they were made  between about 11:30 and 12:30.

Please accept my sincere apologies - it's not something that can happen during normal moderation but did happen because I was dealing with over 100 pieces of spam in one go.

What I do have is  the opening text for each post that was deleted (below) - I hope this helps you to remember what it was you said so you can at least repost it . In the meantime I'm going to look into getting them back.

Greg [admin] 



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Oh dear, poor you. Don't worry these things happen happy2

LOL thats where it went, oh well sht happens evilLaugh


Testing anon

thanks know it wws a mistake but am feeling reLLY DOWN AND THAT HELPED ME LOTSXX

Hi I posted two threads yesterday, none came up, read this thread and thought “ok I will try it again”.

Just re-wrote yesterday thread and again it has not appeared???

Hi, I keep trying to post but it doesnt appear!


Hi, I keep trying to post but it doesnt appear!


Hi Folks - can you see the Sticky 'Official spam thread' for more info and comment there if you still have any issues with missing posts.

Greg [admin]

my post missing too!