Missed my Reiki and Reflexology

All because I didn’t write the appointment on the calendar, when I came home from my last session.

A friend just rang me, she was due a therapy after me. Just spoke to my therapist, full of apologies…hate letting people down.

She was lovely and more concerned if I was ill.

I am so annoyed with myself can’t believe how I totally blank things out.


Oh eckythump! I have a weekly session of reflexology and know if I miss it. Best write EVERYTHING down asap. I’m just the same if I don’t write things down.


i missed an MRI on saturday because i really don’t know what day it is or what time.

i also missed renewing my blue badge.

i get on my nerves.

you gotta laugh though

carole x

I can’t beat that carole

When I remember! I’ve started putting important dates on my mobile phone calendar. The alarm goes off and I looking round thinking, what the hell is that. Then I read the message that I put in