Hi all, To start with I’m Lloyd and 38 years old. I am wondering is it common for misdiagnosis. As I have been on an emotional rollercoaster since I was 17. I can remember I started getting blurred vision and feeling very faint. I actually collapsed helping set up my sister’s wedding bash. I started to know something wasn’t right years later, as I was told I was collapsing because of food, however I could barely walk after one collapse. I was told by the doctors something wasn’t quite right. Then only to be told it was because I was depressed and all in my head. But each year kind of like clockwork a new symptom arose. From feeling overheated , migraines, developing a limp, feeling exhausted ( which only seems to be getting worse), such a long list. I have gone through multiple reasons. I am just so tired of this song and dance. I am asking this here as I am leaning towards MS more . Why? Simple reason the most recent symptoms have been occassional convulsions whilst sleeping(once was brought on by stress ) uncontrollable hip spasms. Hands feel tight and painful. And I have noticed one foot drops . Maybe why I limp , I don’t know. But is this common? If so how can I fight to get the right diagnosis and treatment Kind regards Lloyd

As you say you do not want to be miss-diagnosed. Try mimics MS symptoms except for bad headaches.

Thanks for the reply. I appreciate the pointer, however I do not believe this is the right direction. I have foot drop on the leg I have a limp. I get itchy skin sometimes this burns or feels like I have broke my arm. Just by scratching. I am currently diagnosed with fibromyalgia. On top of blurred vision I get double vision. Very light sensitive. I am male and I can only describe my hot flushes as others have joked menopausal. Kind regards Lloyd

Hello Lloyd

Yes, misdiagnosis is indeed possible. Many people do fight for years to be tested for MS and in the meantime have other diagnoses, essentially fibromyalgia, epilepsy, migraines, and too many other ailments which could potentially share symptoms with MS.

But, there are also many people who are convinced they have been misdiagnosed and feel that they have MS and are found to be wrong.

So, yes, it’s possible. But not by any means all that likely. Where you should be starting from is the same point any kind of doctor would start, with symptoms rather than a diagnosis. Instead of beginning with a diagnosis of MS and trying to have Doctors test for that, aim instead to have a neurologist test you to see what, if anything, is wrong neurologically.

What you need to do if you believe you have neurological symptoms is to see your GP initially and try to get a referral to a neurologist. If you were to write down a list of your symptoms which you either believe do not fit your current diagnosis of fibromyalgia, or which you believe have a neurological cause, and take these to your doctor to discuss, you hopefully will come away from the appointment with a referral being made to a neurologist.

Then if you take along to a neurology appointment a list of what symptoms have happened and when, you can ask him/her for a view of what they think could be wrong.

Hoping this helps.


Hello again. So I went to eye casualty yesterday. I was told nothing appeared at the back of my eyes. However I was given special glasses for diplopia aka double vision. Apparently I have a squint I never had as a child. I know my family has lazy eye which was also mentioned and I had as a child, but never was treated . According to my mother it corrected itself. But that’s back aswell. Came back with the very first attack I had at 17 years old. Has anyone else experienced anything similar? I am just wondering if it’s worthwhile attending eye casualty again. At the Dr request, he also asked for bloods for inflammation. Which I failed to provide I had an autistic meltdown, yesterday. But that’s a different story. Kind regards Lloyd