Mis-diagnosis? Please help

Hi, I’m new to this forum and wondered if anyone could help me. Last April I had severe pains in my head, that felt like someone was kicking my head in, plus severe Trigeminal pain which all lasted over six weeks with no let up. I was in the States and taken to A&E. They immediately gave me an MRI ( only in America eh?!) and the neologist came to tell me that unusual white cells showed up in their abundance which indicated MS. Obviously I was in shock but so doped up on morphime I just accepted it.

On my return to UK I went to my GP who sent me to a neurologist who just looked at me and my scans (that A,Eric’s had given me) and sent me a letter saying the white matter was unspecific. BUT I have had severe flare ups throughout the last year. Brain fog, head pressure, chronic fatigue that starts in my spine and can’t believe that the second diagnosis was right. Why would a private hospital in USA go out on a limb and say MS, which could be liable?. I have insisted on a further opinion which I am booked in for in April. I am having a flare right now, and hate being in limbo, I don’t know if I have MS or not, but I def have something. I would soooooo appreciate some advise pleeeeease. Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome to the forum.

I daresay the USA and UK vary widely on how they treat patients…that goes for diagnosis too.

April isnt that far away, so best wait and see what occurs then.

Keep a diary of your symptoms.

I always find it useful to take someone with me to these appointments, as we can forget what is said sometimes.


Thank you :slight_smile: xx

Hi Morgana I realise this is an older post but… I live in the US now and have done for a few years. There’s actually been lots of press about people here being misdiagnosed with MS lately so I really think it’s just as well that your doctors at home are being cautious. Honestly having experienced both the NHS and US system I think you’re in far safer hands at home. Good luck :slight_smile: