Micro current Therapy

Hi Just wondering if anyone has heard of Micro current therapy and if anyone uses it? Thanks Tracey

There are a number of devices that fit into this category generally described as energy medicine. The most well-known is probably Royal Rife. I am not aware of any that are currently successful against MS, but their maybe some.

Looked up Royal Rife and it’s fascinating stuff. I’ve been listening to Body Healing Tones and Solfreggio meditations for a month or so now, and I find them very relaxing. Think they’re in a similar area. I notice that I have a bit more energy in a morning, but I’m also doing 30 minutes a day on my circulation booster again, which might be helping.

I agree and my wife has experimented with some of these things and seems to have been a little better. I think however before I would suggest anything works I would want more than just one individual’s experience.