MH support for MS

Does anyone else’s MS ‘Team’ (Neurologist; MS Nurse; Occupational Therapist etc) include a Mental Health Professional? Am wondering if this is regional, a postcode lottery, or something that simply doesn’t exist.

I keep reading about the importance of looking after one’s mental/emotional health and how it can affect/be affected by MS, but when I enquired was told “we do not have a dedicated mental health professional for MS”; so only option is to either go GP route or private if you can afford it.

It’s all very well concentrating on the physical aspects of MS and treatments, but not much good if the psychological side is ignored and ends up killing you first.

Just wondering what other’s experiences have been.

eastendgirl my team does not include any specific mental health professional, but my neurologist is pretty much on top of my situation. He will always ask about my mood and how I am coping with stuff, I am confident that if he assessed that I needed additional MH support he would talk me through stuff and help with options.


My community neuro team does not (as far as I know) include any mental health professionals.

I think the furthest anyone has ever got to expressing concern for my mental health was when a G.P. once suggested I get a book on CBT.


The Barts team appear to take Mental Health seriously, but don’t exactly answer your question.

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