I have just been prescribed metronidazole to hopefully settle a stomach complaint. I have read the leaflet before taking and it states within the section ‘Take special care with Metronidazole’ - Tell your doctor if you: have a disease which is affecting your brain nervous system or spinal cord. So today i called my GP surgery and spoke to a GP whom i advised of what the leaflet stated, so was calling to discuss. He asked “what”, and i asked whether i should be taking it, he gave no indication of any awareness that i had MS (you know, that thing that affects your brain, nervous system and spinal cord!).

What i am looking to find out is if anyone knows whether a person with MS should be avoiding metronidazole or if there are any specific things i should look out for whilst taking it, i’m just a little concerned that he hadn’t looked at my notes and didn’t realise i had any problems with brain, nervous system or spinal cord!

Any words of advice would be greatly appreciated, many thanks

Snaily @_/"

No problem I suspect with MS, but avoid alcohol, you’ll feel dreadful. Depending on what your stomach complaint is…chances are it’s far less risky to use the antibiotics then to get sick, and then that could set your MS off.

Ooops there is a link, but it mostly occurs when metronidazole is injected. I still stick with…its better then getting ill hypothesis. But best to ask a pharmacist.

Thank you, much appreciated

I’ve been on short courses of this and the prescribing dentist knew about the MS and there was no problem. He did say stay off the drink while on it, though, because it can make you very nauseated indeed, but that’s a general point, nothing to do with MS.

I hope it does the trick for you.