Merck-Serono have forced me to use a Rebismart. I'm so cross

I’ve been on Rebif since 2000. I have never used an auto-inject and prefer to inject manually. My husband just collected my box of Rebif from the hospital farmacia and the guy there told him that this was the last box of injections. I have to use a Rebismart in the future. No choice as they are not making the syringes any more. I am so pissed off. I don’t want, or need a Rebismart and it’s in a big box, which is just stupid. I don’t know if this is the same in the UK. But ask - if you are manually injecting, you may not have that choice any more.

I prefer to manually inject rebif as well … i think the auto injector looks like a torture device & will be more painful than manual jabs. I’d rather stop taking rebif if i were forced to use an auto injector.

Hi there, Well I refused to use the Rebiject as it was too brutal, but the Rebismart apparently doesn’t hurt. They are stopping the manufacture of the syringes (well here, in Spain) and so I have no choice but to lug the enormous bag, plus batteries around if I want to travel. It’s the removal of choice. MS sucks enough as it is, without being forced to use a very expensive bit of kit, that the poor hospital has to pay for. I’m still pee’d off about it.

It might help to know that the Rebismart box isn’t actually all that big - honest! The box the whole kit comes in in the beginning is huge, but that’s because it contains a travel bag, a cool box & ice packs, spare batteries, a box of needles, a very nice screwdriver(!), a manual in about a zillion languages, etc. When we came to Spain in the summer, I used the Rebismart box, stuffed it with enough needles for 3 weeks (only 9 small caps) and took the 3 cartridges in a FRIO bag so no bulky cool box needed. Because the needle caps are tiny, the sharps’ bins are too. The standard one is not a lot different to my old Copaxone travel bin and the Rebif travel sharps’ bin looks a bit like a small turkey baster. All in, it took up a lot less space than the 21 Copaxone syringes & sharps’ bin I would have had to take with me when I was on that. It’s not as straightforward as manual injecting because you have to wait for the machine at times, but it is still really easy and quick. It’s also not violent like the autoinjectors I’ve seen before. It’s not good that they’ve done this without even consulting patients, but you might be pleasantly surprised with the Rebismart. I hope so anyway! Karen xx