Mental Health Awareness Week

Many of us here have struggled with their emotions. I’ve tried to put mine in words:-

Just like a trippy shadow play, warped visions rushed to my mind, of a past that never really existed, and of times ahead, that may, or may never actually happen. Coloured lies designed by a coloured mind, to deliberately confuse an already altered truth. What were fond recognitions and expectations, became weapons cutting at the heart of my present and future with an overexaggerated sense of loss.

Desperately I tried, without success, to see the author of this emotional creation, hidden behind a wall of sadness, disappointment, and anger. The fear of what I might find beyond, keeping me in a constant state of impotence, until in one single stroke, I saw clearly through to the marionette of illness I had become, a character in a puppet play, reading from a script I had no control over, led by the strings of a disease, I had allowed to become heavy chains holding me back.

I cannot server the ties that bind me to illness, but I must recognise, and believe, that I am the master not the slave, l must grab onto and firmly hold those strings in both hands, if I am to have any control whatsoever over how and where they may pull me.

I will no longer allow my mind to use the frustration I feel about the limitations of the props, or where the plot may be heading, to stop me from taking my part in the drama, as fully as I am able.


Hi Steve,

I’ve read your piece several times and I think that this is something that deserves a much wider audience.

Many people come on the Forum asking how they can cope with their MS. I think your intelligent and sensitive description says something that many people are looking for.

It expresses, so well, what it is like to have MS. Your realistic and positive attitude says that we should, not just cope, but to live a full life.

Congratulations on an elegant and inspiring composition. I hope a great many more people will get to read it too.



Hi Steve,

May I copy and print this? because I’d like to show it to some of my friends.


Hi Anthony,

I apologise for not responding sooner, not on line at all yesterday.

Thanks so much for your kind words, coming to terms with so many, and often conflicting emotions I have experienced, especially when my symptoms began to seriously worsen, was for me very difficult.

I began to write simply so I had a record of how I was feeling, but I soon found that trying to put my emotions into words actually helped me to clarify, analyze and finally Come to terms with them.

I believe that information of all types should be shared, so I’m more than happy for you to copy and paste this post.

Thanks Steve.

Hi Steve,

I’ve sent you a personal message.